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Q2. What is land use?

A:  Land use involves the management and modification of natural environment or wilderness into built environment. There are a variety of different types of land uses such as single dwelling, dual occupancy, townhouses, retirement village, food outlet, home based business, heath practice, child care centre, motel, office, convenience store, indoor entertainment, agriculture and etc.

Q3. What is a material change of use?

A: The start of a new use of the premises or the re-establishment on the premises of a use that has been abandoned; material change in the intensity of scale of the use of the premises. A material change of use usually requires a development permit. For any further information about how to obtain a development permit, please contact our town planners today.

Q4. Can I subdivide my property?

A: This is a very common question when a client approaching to us. Generally speaking, zoning, size and dimension are the first three key factors to be considered. Nevertheless, the nature of land subdivision is extremely complicated and risky, clients are strongly recommended to consult with professional town planners before any decisions being made. Oasis Town Planning has the abilities to assess full development potentials of your properties and provide professional development assessment reports to assist your decision making.

Q5. What is a Land and Property Development Assessment Report?

A: The report includes a detailed description of the property and local area, any existing approvals, planning and environmental issues, future development potentials, highest and best development opportunities permitted in the current and future town planning schemes as well as an appraisal of all defined land uses and the likelihood of approvals. We also undertake a responsible assessment of your specific development proposal and provide you with a Council accredited advice regarding town planning provisions of your site, levels of the development assessment, costs, and the likelihood of DA approvals. Dealing with the complex planning process and Council provisions in Queensland is not straightforward; this service saves you time and hassles. This report is ideal for any real estate agencies, vendors, developers, potential property buyers and investors. Clients often find this report as a useful tool in their decision making.