Provide a preliminary planning assessment report for vendors to boost the sales campaigns and also for buyers or investors to better understand the value and development potentials of the property.

Development Proposals

Undertake a responsible assessment of your development proposal and provide you with a Council accredited advice regarding all town planning issues. 

Development Applications

Assist in seeking development approvals for residential, commercial, industrial and subdivision developments.  

Show Cause Notices

Review your notices received from the Council and advise you with optimal strategies to solve your crisis by either seeking approval from Council or suggesting alternative solutions to your illegal land uses or activities. 


OASIS TOWN PLANNING PTY LTD is a professional consulting group which specialises in consulting town planning, land use and property development. Our services include providing town planning advice, planning reports, assessment of development opportunities, preparation and lodgement of development applications (DA) for Council approvals and project coordination. Our local experienced town planners and urban designers can assist you in every step of your development process and provide you with professional town planning and development services and peace of mind. Our planners have rich local planning knowledge and vast experience for dealing with local Councils, your journey with us will always be pleasant and trustworthy. We also partner with industry-leading consultants such as civil engineers, environmental consultants, landscape designers, altogether we strive to deliver smarter projects for our clients.


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